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        Meet Your SCBA Colleague — Debra L. Rubin

        By Laura Lane                        Why did you decide to go into fami-  reau chief so I wasn’t alone but it was trial
                                            ly law? I wanted to be directly involved  by fire. It was a valuable and satisfying ex-
          Debra L. Rubin, a divorce and family   in helping people. Psychology and family  perience working for Legal Aid. I learned
        law attorney, said she never wanted to sit   law are linked. I have to do a lot of listen-  a great deal.
        behind a desk and shuffle papers. She does   ing. Person to person contact has always
        do a little shuffling now but she is more   interested me. I kind of become part psy-  Why did you leave for Koopersmith
        than busy practicing law.           chologist by virtue of having patience and  & Brown? My student loans. I also want-
                                            listening to them. A lot of people just want  ed to expand my area of practice and work
          Did you envision yourself as a law-  to be heard. Sometimes their stories have  with different types of clients. These cli-
        yer when you were in high school?  nothing to do with a legal outcome. I could  ents were the complete opposite of who I
        Back then I couldn’t decide between be-  do a miniseries or two with these stories.   had been working with before. The emo-
        ing a lawyer or a psychologist. I didn’t                               tional and custody issues were the same
        know what it meant to be a lawyer when   Your first job was for the Nassau Le-  but the financial issues were different. Ken
        I made my decision in college. Neither  gal  Aid Society.  What was that expe-  was a mentor for me. He was a phenome-
        of my parents went to college. Mom was  rience like for you? I loved working in   nal lawyer and he helped me hone in my
        a stay at home mom and Dad was a cor-  Family Court as a young lawyer. I got into   writing skills. Also, I got to work on ap-
        rection officer at Rikers. They instilled  the courtroom right away and was in it ev-  peals. I like research and writing and like
        in me the goal of getting an education  ery day. I didn’t have enough knowledge   going to the Appellate Division. There is
        and doing better than they did. Mom  on what to be afraid of. I felt like it was   no yelling there and everyone knows you
        wanted me to be a teacher. She said it  natural to be there every single day. I get   each have your turn to speak.
        was  a  good  job  for  a  woman  so  I  dis-  more worked up when I go to court now
        counted that right away.            than I did back then. I had a wonderful bu-          (Continued on page 20)
                                                                                                                              Debra L. rubin

                                                                      MEET THE STAFF

                                                                                                                           Edith started with the SCBA in 2012. She
                                                                                                                         manages all the attorneys on the referral in-
                                                                                                                         cluding new attorney applications,  insur-
                                                                                                                         ance, and recruiting  new members for the
                                                                                                                         referral. Answers  all referral calls coming
                                                                                                                         into the Bar Association and screens each
                 Sarah Jane LaCova                  Barry M. Smolowitz, Esq.                  Mary Shannon               potential  client  including  searching  Com-
                executive Director, SuffoLk            Director of technoLogy                 memberShiP ServiceS        munity Lawyer to find the appropriate attor-
                 county bar aSSociation             PaSt PreSiDent, Scba (2007-08)                ney to address their issues.
                          PaSt Dean, acaDemy of Law (1998-2000)        (631) 234-5511 x 221
                   (631) 234-5511 x 231                      Mary started at the SCBA in 1987. Mary
          Jane has been with the SCBA since 1980,   Barry serves as the Association’s Direc-  leads Membership Services which includes
        making this year her 40  anniversary! Jane  tor of Technology. Barry has undertaken the   adding and deleting members, change of ad-
        is the Executive Director, Property Manager,  development  and  maintenance  of  the  SC-  dresses, emails, and adding members to be
        Event Coordinator, and soo much more. Jane  BA’s technology needs since 1986, and did   able to login in to our website. Wish to be on
        is charged with implementing the policies of  the work voluntarily until being given a staff   a committee? Taken off a committee? Mary
        the Association as determined by the Board,  position about 10 years ago.  He is respon-  can help you with that as well as add you on
        supervising and administering the staff and  sible for all technology systems used by the   to receive the Bar E-blasts. Mary sends out   Andrea Hallock
        offices of the Association, assisting the Presi-  organization. This includes the internal net-  dues bills and deletes those members who   mock triaL coorDinator
        dent and the members of the Executive Com-  works, phone system and server systems,   have not paid. Mary answers the phones and   (631) 234-5511 x 225
        mittee in discharging the duties of their of-  all of the computers, desktops, laptops, and   if she cannot help you, she will try to direct   Andrea Hallock is the High School Mock
        fices, provide staff liaison and assistance for  the web casting system. In addition, he also   you to someone who can.   Trial Coordinator for the Suffolk Academy
        all activities of the Association and perform  manages  all  of its  cloud  based systems,                       of Law, the educational arm of the Suffolk
        such other administrative duties as may be  backup systems, email systems, all inside IP                         County Bar Association. She has been with
        directed from time to time, by the Board of  based systems, as well as maintaining and                           the Bar  Association part time since 2017.
        Directors. She is also the Executive Director  upgrading  our  website.  He  is  also  respon-                   Andrea works closely with the Program Co-
        of the Charity, Pro Bono, & Lawyer Assis-  sible for all of the audio/visual equipment                           ordinators to organize and implement the
        tance Foundations.                    used in our facility including the Great Hall,                             NYSBA High School Mock  Trial program
                                              and  is  also  the  administrator  of  all  of  our                        in Suffolk County. She finds it very reward-
                                              Committee Zoom video conferencing. Bar-       Nicolette Ghiglieri          ing to watch the students grow in skill set and
                                              ry has served as tech resource to our mem-    acaDemy aDminiStrator        compete towards becoming state champions.
                                              bership for over three decades.       
                                                                                              (631) 234-5511 x 224
                                                                                     Nicolette  joined the Bar  Association in
                                                                                   1999. Nicolette is the Administrator for the
              Cynthia L. Doerler, MPA                                              Suffolk  Academy of Law, the education-
                executive Director, SuffoLk                                        al arm of the Suffolk County Bar Associa-
                    acaDemy of Law                                                 tion. All registrations and program materials
                                                         come her way. You will see Nicolette’s hap-
                   (631) 234-5511 x 229                                            py face at the registration for all Academy      Joe Benedetto
          Cynthia started with the Suffolk Academy   Tina O’Connor Santiago        CLE programs.                                Director of communicationS
        of Law in 2016. Cynthia L. Doerler, MPA is   grievance & fee DiSPute aDminiStrator                                         (631) 234-551 x 230
        the Executive Director of the Suffolk Acad-     (631)-234-5511 x 222                                               Joe joined the SCBA family in 2018. Joe is
        emy of Law, the educational arm of the Suf-  Tina joined the staff in 1987. Responsibili-                        responsible for all external and internal com-
        folk County Bar Association. She is a cum   ties include the processing of grievance mat-                        munications regarding the Suffolk County
        laude graduate of LIU Post, with a B.S. in   ters at the direction of the State of New York                      Bar Association. Joe constructs and distrib-
        Marketing  and  M.P.A. in Public  Adminis-  Grievance Committee and administering Fee                            utes all E-Blasts regarding notices from the
        tration.  She is here to help you and always   Dispute matters pursuant to Part 137.                             courts and association event updates. He also
        looking for innovative program ideas.
                                                                                               Edith Dixon               maintains and operates all social media for
                                                                                         aDminiStrator of Lawyer refer-  the Suffolk County Bar  Association.  Any
                                                                                         raL & information Service, (LriS)  committee meeting updates or questions? Be
                                                                                                 sure to give Joe a call!
                                                                                                (631) 234-5511
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