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2017-2018 SCBA Committee Questionnaire All members of the SCBA must submit the below questionnaire with their committee preferences prior to May 31st. All committee choices from the prior fiscal year expire on June 1st, except Judicial Screening which expires on January 1st. Complete instructions are contained after the President-Elect's message.

The following message comes to you from President-Elect Patricia M. Meisenheimer:

On behalf of the Suffolk County Bar Association, I would like to invite you to take advantage of one of the best member benefits our Association has to offer by joining one or more of our Association’s committees.

Committee membership offers opportunities to remain on the cutting edge of important developments in your chosen practice areas, to exchange ideas and information, and to network with colleagues. Taking a leadership position on a committee by serving as chair or making a presentation at a committee meeting often serves to enhance confidence, competence and reputation.

But professional development is only one of the benefits of committee membership. All of us recognize that the practice of law requires business skills as well. By exchanging ideas in an informal setting, committee members often gain important practice management tips and client development ideas from other committee members.

It’s also well recognized that lawyers in Suffolk County practice primarily in a small firm setting. Committee membership offers a welcome opportunity for developing and expanding the kinds of collegial relationships with other attorneys who share similar interests, backgrounds and competencies that are available to attorneys who practice in a larger firm environment.

Each month our Association’s newspaper, The Suffolk Lawyer, draws upon the knowledge and experience of our Association’s committee members by asking a committee chair to organize the publication of a series of articles focusing on the committee’s practice area. These articles demonstrate the professional expertise that exists in so many of our Association’s practitioners. The monthly focus series also offers committee members an opportunity to showcase and share their knowledge and expertise by having their articles published in a professional publication that has earned a reputation for excellence under the skilled guidance of its editor-in-chief, Laura Lane.

The Association’s practice area committees are open to every member irrespective of level of experience or expertise. Our recent outreach to young lawyers has produced a welcome uptick in the number of young lawyers joining our Association. These lawyers represent the future standard-bearers of our profession as well as the continued lifeblood of our Association. To those young lawyers I would say I can’t think of a better way to develop “real world” expertise in your chosen practice areas or, as importantly in this challenging job market, to network with established and experienced practitioners than by joining a Committee.

Please note that current committee memberships and committee chair positions expire on May 31, 2017, and reappointments are not automatic, so please take a few minutes to fill out the committee questionnaire that you will find by clicking on the “2017-2018 Committee Preference Questionnaire” link below. If you are interested in serving as chair of a committee, or would like to recommend someone for that position, please indicate that in the space provided at the end of the questionnaire.

In addition to the Association’s committees, the SCBA has established and sponsors several Foundations, such as the Charity Foundation and the Lawyers Assistance Foundation, that provide an opportunity to offer much needed assistance to the less fortunate among us. You will find a description of the charitable work each of these Foundations and our Bar Association’s Academy of Law engage in on the 2017-2018 Committee Preference Questionnaire. Please consider becoming involved in one of more of these charitable endeavors.

To those of you who have served on the Association’s committees and Foundations, I would like to thank you for generously sharing and providing the members of our Association with the benefit of your knowledge, expertise and generosity. If you have not previously served, I encourage you to take advantage of this important member benefit.

Finally, please note that in an effort to save the significant costs to our Bar Association of mailing committee preference questionnaires to its 3,000 members, we have put them on-line. We are asking our members to help us by following the directions below to complete and submit the questionnaires.

Patricia M. Meisenheimer, President-Elect




You should fill in this form using Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat. If you are using Internet Explorer, and you have the Adobe Plug-In installed the form will open up and you may fill it directly in.

If you are using Firefox, Safari or Chrome, you will need to save the pdf form and open it up in Adobe Reader. The default pdf viewers that Firefox and Chrome use will NOT work. You MUST have the Adobe Acrobat Reader Plug-In installed on your computer for the form to open correctly in Acrobat. You will know that the form is properly being displayed in Acrobat if you see the Submit Button displayed on the top right of the form. 

Before submitting the form, please be sure that your e-mail program (Outlook, webmail, etc.) is opened and running in the background, otherwise the form will not be submitted and will reside in your email's outbox and may or may not eventually be submitted. The form contains mandatory fields, and will not allow you to submit the form if those fields are left blank. YOU MUST ALSO HAVE YOUR SCBA MEMBERSHIP NUMBER AND PROPERLY ENTER IT. This number is a six digit number. If you are unsure of the number, please do NOT guess. Call the SCBA at 631-234-5511 and confirm the number. This is your permanent ID#. Write it down, or record it in your smart phone or computer. You will need it for other membership services in the future, including logging into the member's side of our website.

Make sure you review the whole form. It includes opportunities to join open committees, closed committees, foundations, and your request to chair a committee.

When the form is complete, click the "Submit Form" box in the top right side of the colored (green or purple) bar. Again, make sure your email program is open. After clicking on the Submit Form button the program will prompt you to enter your email address and name.


Do so and click the Send Button. Then choose either your default e-mail application (most often that will be Outlook), or you may choose webmail (most often that would be G-mail, AOL, or a similar program). Click continue and WAIT until you get a verification dialogue box.

Your questionnaire has now been submitted. You may save the form if you wish, so you have a record of what you submitted, or merely exit.

Thank you

Barry M. Smolowitz, SCBA Director of Technology.

Click this link to be taken to the 2017-2018 Committee Preferences Questionnaire

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