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The Deposition Whisperer- DVD or CD- March 29, 2018

$90.00 each


Depositions are crucial disclosures devices and are almost always needed to adequately prepare for a case that would ultimately go to trial. By sharing proven strategies, the program will give attendees an insight into how seasoned litigators and successful trial lawyers conduct depositions. The program will integrate case law, statutes and Court Rules, practical concerns, and ethical considerations as well as specific strategies to enable even the least experienced attorneys depose a witness like a seasoned pro.


Date of Program: March 29th, 2018 



Faculty: Charles Bonfante, III Esq., Owner and Founding Partner- The Bonafonte Law Firm, P.C.



MCLE: 1.0 Skills; 1.0 Ethics [Transitional and Non-Transitional]