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Criminal Law Update- DVD ONLY- November 3, 2017

$155.00 each


A comprehensive review of recent Criminal Law & Procedure New York and Federal appellate cases and recent legislation, including: • People v. Patterson, 28 NY3d 567 (12/22/16) [Admissibility of cell phone records, CPLR 4518] • People v. Bridgeforth, 28 NY3d 567 (12/22/16) [Extension of Batson to claims of discrimination on the basis of skin pigmentation (“colorism”] • M/O Acevedo/Carney/Matsen v. NYS DMV, 29 NY3d 202 (5/9/17) [Legality of DMV regulations imposing harsh additional penalties for recidivist DWI convictions] • Pena-Rodriguez v. Colorado, 197L.Ed.2d 107 (3/6/17) 

Date of Program: November 3, 2017
Faculty: Hon. Mark D. Cohen, Acting Supreme Court Justice Kent V. Moston, Esq., Training Director, Legal Aid Society of Suffolk County
MCLE: 3 credits- 2.5 CLE credits in Professional Practice and .5 in Ethics