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Professor Patrick Connors: CPLR Update 2018- DVD or CD- October 18, 2018

$185.00 each

the Court of Appeals addresses disclosure of information on social media accounts, such as Facebook
• Court of Appeals determines when parents’ claim for wrongful birth accrued
• Court of Appeals rules that plaintiff is entitled to partial summary judgment on liability without demonstrating freedom from comparative fault
• Compulsory counterclaims in Federal Practice v. permissive counterclaims in New York Practice, and the Court of Appeals decision addressing res judicata issues in this context
• Court of Appeals visits the continuous treatment doctrine once again
• Court of Appeals weighs in on pleading requirements, seemingly applying heightened standards
• 2018 amendments to CPLR 203(g) and CPLR 214(a) pertaining to actions or claims based upon the alleged negligent failure to diagnose cancer or a malignant tumor
• 2017 amendment to CPLR 503(b) and venue rules
• New Statewide Practice Rules of the Appellate Division, effective September 17, 2018
Much More…
Date of Program: October 18, 2018 
Faculty: Professor Patrick M. Connors, Professor of Law at Albany Law School in New York Practice and Legal Ethics; author of Siegel, New York Practice (5th ed.), several of the McKinney’s Practice Commentaries for the CPLR and the New York Rules of Professional Conduct, and numerous articles. His publications have been cited in over 180 reported cases.
MCLE: 3.0 hours in Professional Practice