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OCA Certification: Guardian Ad Litem-LIVE-May 10, 2019

$135.00 each


Guardians Ad Litem are appointed by courts in various proceedings to represent the rights and interests of infants, incompetents and or persons under a disability. This responsibility can be complicated and nuanced. This course is designed to provide the information necessary to allow a participating attorney to qualify as a Guardian Ad Litem in Surrogate’s Court proceedings by providing the participant with information concerning Part 36 and the duties of a Guardian Ad Litem in various types of Surrogate’s Court Proceedings. During this program you will be instructed as to your obligations as a Guardian Ad Litem in various types of proceedings. In addition, you will learn how to enroll on the Part 36 list to be eligible for appointment by the court as a Guardian Ad Litem, and about the Part 36 appointment process.

Date of Program: May 10, 2019 from 9:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m. at the SCBA Center-560 Wheeler Rd. Hauppague, NY 11788
Faculty: Hon. Theresa Whelan, Judge of the Surrogate’s Court
and Acting Supreme Court Justice; Michael Cipollino, Chief Clerk, Surrogate’s Court;Michele Gartner, Esq., Special Counsel for Surrogate & Fiduciary Matters;Brette A. Haefeli,, Esq., Suffolk County Surrogate’s Court; Matthew Kiernan, Esq., Public Administrator
Scott McBride, Esq., Suffolk County Surrogate’s Court;Linda Morrone, Esq., Suffolk County Surrogate’s Court;Amy Hsu, Esq., Law Clerk, Surrogate’s Court; Frank Volz, Esq., Suffolk County Surrogate’s Court
MCLE:3.0 credits in Professional Practice and 0.5 credits in Ethics.