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The Supreme Court 2019-2020 Term- Admin. Law -Session 1 -July 20, 2020-Virtual Recording

$45.00 each

During the 2019-20 Term, the Supreme Court heard a number of important administrative law cases. The cases, which should be decided by early July, involve fundamental principles of (1) administrative law (for example, how key provisions of the federal Administrative Procedures Act should be interpreted); and (2) separation of powers (including whether and how the President may be investigated by other branches of government).
This program will begin with an introduction of basic principles of administrative law. It then will review the Supreme Court’s most important administrative law decisions from the term. This presentation will provide an understanding of current federal administrative law doctrine and how it relates to underlying separation-of-powers principles. This discussion will provide a framework for the practice of administrative law that should be helpful for attorneys who work for government agencies as well as those who appear before them.
Date of Program: July 20, 2020 via ZOOM
Faculty:Rodger D. Citron, Esq. Associate Dean & Professor of Law
Touro College, Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center
MCLE: 1 credit in Professional Practice